Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a force ever since he made his debut as a bodybuilder, at a time when not so many of them were visible. Born in Austria, into a very strict family, he beat the odds to become one of the most celebrated actors across the world, a politician, author and a bodybuilder.

This website chronicles his journey. From how he made his first entry into competitive bodybuilding, to his acting roles, and even some of the mistakes he made along the way.

This site provides you with a comprehensive biography, together with dates of the notable things Schwarzenegger achieved in his early life, right up to where he is today. Even though he is known for his roles in action movies, there are many other films that he was involved in. This site highlights the movies; even some that never quite made the impression that was expected. It also lists the notable action movies he was involved in. Here, you will find familiar names, such as The Terminator, Commando, and Pumping Iron.

Awards and Achievements

What makes Arnold Schwarzenegger stand out is the fact that he is recognised in almost every role he has played. In this site, you will discover the list of awards he has received, and the activities and achievements he has acquired in various aspects of his life. It also explores the best sides of the things Schwarzenegger engaged in, like the movies he has acted in that succeeded in blowing the world away.