Arnold Schwarzenegger’s transformation from a respected bodybuilder and 7-time Mr Olympia to the iconic Hollywood legend we are all familiar with is nothing short of remarkable. His action movies are famous for his no-nonsense, hard-hitting acting style, his huge onscreen presence, coupled with his deadpan humour; often delivered in cliched, memorable one-liners. A couple more of his most loved movies of all time include the following.


This movie combined the sci-fi and war genres to give an unforgettable and original movie-going experience. Arnold and his crew of fellow soldiers of fortune are hired by the American government to embark on a rescue mission in the jungles of Central America. Things start to go horribly wrong, and they soon realise they must fight for their lives. As usual, Arnold is ultimately the hero who has to battle against a seemingly unbeatable extra-terrestrial being who is on this Earth with one sole purpose; to hunt. Although some sequels have been made, the original was definitely the best.

Total Recall

This science fiction movie, set in 2084, saw Arnold leaving our planet for the now-colonised red planet, Mars. The twist to the plot is, we are left asking throughout the movie whether or not he really has gone to Mars or whether it is all in his mind. You see, his character visits a company called ‘Rekall’ that implants false memories in people’s minds and his wish has always been to go to the planet Mars; Rekall offers a way of seeing it without having to travel there physically. He starts to come to the realisation that his whole life was possibly just a fake memory, and that the members of Rekall want him dead. Now, he must fight for survival against some seriously dangerous people in an alien and hostile environment.