Arnold Schwarzenegger has had many roles in his life. From bodybuilder, author, actor, to politician. He was global sensation when he made his entry into acting.

Early career acting roles

He transitioned from body building into acting after learning English in Los Angeles. His first movie role was when he played the role of Hercules in 1969. His stage name then was Arnold strong, and even though he had a thick Austrian accent, he performed well.

The second role in theatre was when he acted as a hit man who was deaf and mute in the movie ‘The Long Goodbye’. His acting received positive feedback, and soon after, he got a role in acting in the movie ‘Stay Hungry’ which won him the Golden Globe Award as New star of the Year.

In several interviews, Schwarzenegger has talked about how difficult it was for him to be recognised in the film industry especially when he was starting out. Agents turned him down because of his body, and they openly told him he would never get a role. Others had reservations about his accent and long name.

More acting roles

His body started getting him leading roles when he acted in ‘Pumping Iron’ in 1977. He later made appearances as guest actor in the sitcom ‘The San Pedro Beach Bums’ and ‘The Streets of Francisco’ that aired on ABC.

In 1979, he acted in ‘The Villain’ comedy and a year later, he was in the film on a documentary about actress Jayne Mansfield. He acted as her husband.

He later ventured into action movies where he gained the most fame and started getting world wide recognition. His muscles and ripped look that most agents had rejected finally started paying off and he admits that it paid him off in ways he had never imagined.